Two Places to Save on Prescription Drugs

1) Mejier. Everyone is prescribed some type of antibiotic at some point. Now you can get your antibiotics at Mejier for FREE! That's right, if you are prescribed Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, SMZ-TMP, Ciprofloxacin, Ampicillin, Penicillin VK, or Erythromycin by a doctor, just take it to Mejier's pharmacy and you'll get up to a 14 day supply at normal oral dosages for no cost, regarless of insurance or lack of. To see a short video or read more, check out Meijer's" website.
2) Wal-mart. Yes, I know it's not the top of the list when it comes to socially-responsible, but when you need medication and you don't have a lot of money, it's an option. Most Wal-Mart pharmacies are participating in the $4 Generic Drug Program which offers over 300 generic medications for only $4 per fill or refill. Although generics are the only type that qualify in this program, generics are of the equal quality and effectiveness as their brand-name counterparts and a great bet if you don't have insurance or just want to save some money. The medications that qualify fall into a range of categories from allergy to cardiac to hormones. 14 of the top 20 prescribed medicatons in the United States have made it to the list, so it is very likely that a medication you need is availiable. Visit Wal-Mart's" website for more details.

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Lily said...

Three cheers for all the drugstores with $4 generics! And now Wal-Mart has started selling 3 months of some generics for $10. Wow! For my other meds that aren't generic I use the drug card that I found at Low membership fee. Drug prices posted to check before you join.