Zen Parenting: Walking Meditation With Baby

Here's something simple I do (and you can too) to sneak some Buddhist practice into a busy life with a youngin' and it will help reduce anxiety too!

Either carry baby in your arms or in a sling and began a walk in a clear path through your home or outside in a safe area. Focus on your breath and begin to calm.
After a few moments syncronize your breath with your steps. I usually breath in for two steps and breath out in two more steps. I try to keep my breaths natural, but in rhythm. Just walk leisurely like this, focusing on your breath and connecting with baby for as long as you like.
I have a bad back so I can only do it for about ten minutes or so at a time. Yet even with this short time span, I end feeling refreshed and calm with a sleeping angel in my arms.
I end by putting him in his bed very gently then holding my hands on his head and body softly while doing a very short loving kindness mediation, generating love, peace, and appreciation to him and my Source (God).

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