My Search for Affordable and Green Hair Removal Products for Women

During my quest to live a more sustainable life, I have slowly changed the products I use in my household. One that I was struggling with for a while was hair removal. Up until recently, I was still using those disposal razors. I know, not cool. I just didn't know where to start.All the options were overwhelming. However, I finally bit the bullet and started exploring the options.

One of the alternatives to disposable razors that I tried was the safety razor. This is basically the old fashioned razor that your parents or grandparents probably used. It is a handle attached to a razor head. You put a disposable razor blade into the head and close it. The only thing you have to throw away is the tiny razor blade. And you can possibly recycle it as well. Even more: they are CHEAP.

After reading a little about it, I cut to the chase and bought one. I did a quick search on Amazon and found a well rated safety razor.

When the safety razor arrived, I was nervous at first. After all, there are reasons that most people have given these things up, right? After trying it out, I'm not sure what those reasons may be! The razor worked well, and I didn't experience any more cuts than I normally do (I'm a bit clumsy!). I was hooked and have been using safety razors since.

However, there are some other green choice out there that I began considering. One was waxing. I tried this in my youth without much success. It ended up bleeding a lot. So that was out of the question for me.

But I had never tried epilating. My green hair removal search introduced me to this hair removal method. It is done with a mechanical hair removal machine that grabs multiple hairs at once and pulls them out by the root. It looked painful but promising. After all, I really hate shaving. I wouldn't mind a little pain if I could stop shaving my legs EVERY day.

It took a little more research before I bought my first epilator. They are more expensive than safety razors, so I wanted to make sure I didn't waste my money on a dud. After finally finding what I thought was the best epilator for women, I ordered and waited.

My first use was pretty painful, but not as bad as waxing, as far as I remember. After a few uses, I felt more competent and was getting good results. The pain also became manageable, especially after trying a few tricks.

Now my eco-friendly hair removal routine consists of shaving my underarms daily with my trusty safety razor (I just can't bring myself to epilate there!) and epilating everything else about once a week or so using the best epilator for body hair. I love the ease of this routine. It also has saved me so much money. And of course, I have less guilt.

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